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Kelly's Butcher Shop & Deli

Tempt Your Tastebuds

Meat Products

From the Butchers



From Stew Meat to Full Side

Always a big hit with our customers, not to mention a highly recommended staff choice. Our Choice beef provides that delicious juicy taste, without being overly fatty or tough. Just the way you like it!


From Brats or Ribs, to Chops or Hams

A variety of high quality: chops, steaks, brats, and more await you in Kelly's Pork district. Our Homemade assortment of Brats is a sight to behold and the sheer number of different styles will have you coming back.

Baked whole chicken with mushrooms and p


From Whole Birds to Gizzards & Hearts

Our wide selection of Chicken is a constant favorite among our customers. Wings perfect for every gathering, or Boneless Thighs for a gourmet Stir-fry.


From Fish Fillets to Frog Legs

A highly recommended staff choice, and available year round; try for yourself the various Seafood options available in our Self-Service Freezers.

Image by Caroline Attwood
Image by Faisal M

Exotic Meats

Alligator, Buffalo, and Lamb

Oh my!
Most days Beef, Pork, or Chicken is enough to sate a meat lovers palette; when that need for something more... exotic appears? We have that too!

Ready-to-Eat Products

From the Deli

Cold Meats

Deli Meats

From sliced Roast Beef to Braunschweiger

With plenty of commonplace choices as well as a few more "exotic" options to be had, Kelly's Deli is sure to have your favorite Deli Meats on hand!


From Brick to Muenster

A complete list of Lactose tolerant decisions available to pick from, any cheese you choose can be cut to your preferred thickness at request.

Sweet Homemade Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie


From Lemon Meringue to French Cherry

With Fresh made pies available to purchase whole or by the slice, we have just what you need to sate that craving. With a full list of pie options available, we can always get your favorite in!

About Kelly's Butcher Shop & Deli

Since 1982, Kelly's Butcher Shop & Deli has been a leading Butchery and Deli meat provider located in Troy, IL. We work to bring the finest products to our growing community of shoppers.

      Always working to provide everyone that walks through our doors with the food they desire, Kellys is connected to the 4-0 quick shop at the intersection of Highway 40 and Troy O'fallon road. We are open every day of the year minus Thanksgiving And Christmas Day.

     Selling everything from sides of a cow to chicken hearts, kabobs to bone in hams. If we do not have what you are looking for on hand, we will do our best to get it.

     If we over-cut on any of our meats, you get the opportunity to save money by checking our "Reduced Meats" section in our self-service freezers.


     In the deli, We have a large variety of: meats, cheeses, salads, pies, and shrimp; Hot food is served every day of the week. Also, meat trays and special sandwich trays are available for order.

Call for more info or come and visit us in person to experience Kelly's Butcher Shop & Deli for yourself!

Our Hours

Stop By

Kelly's Butcher Shop

Monday thru Saturday: 8am-7pm

Sunday: 8am-5pm

Pete's Market

Monday thru Saturday: 8am-7pm

Sunday: 8am-6pm

Open 363 days per year


804 S Main St, Troy, IL 62294, USA

(618) 667-6268

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