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Our Beef Products


Chuck Steak

A cut coming from the connecting portions of the Ribeye and Chuck Roast sections near the Cow's Shoulder section.
Excellent grilling with plenty of marbling for flavor.


Arm Roast

Coming from the shoulder area of the arm, the Arm Roast is known for its rich and beefy flavor. Ideal for slow-cooking, the Arm Roast, being leaner than the Chuck, remains moist and extremely tender when braised.


Ground Beef

Popular, relatively cheap, and quick cooking, ground beef and the different varieties can fill a myriad of roles. Our Ground Beef is 80% lean.

Ribs & Kabobs

Bone-In Prime Rib

A classic "Holiday Feast" roast, the Prime Rib makes up the entirety of the Rib section where Ribeye Steaks are cut from. This Bone-In variant allows for an added depth of flavor and is also commonly known as a Standing Rib Roast.


1/4lb Ground Beef Patties

Made from our 80% lean Grind, these quarter pound patties are the most popular choice when it comes to a good ol' fashion beef burger.

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