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Our Pork Products

Chops, Steaks, & Burgers

Center Cut Chops

Cut from the Shortloin similar loin off the spine of the pig, Center Cut Chops make up the T-bone and Porterhouse portion of Pork. Leaner than other cuts of pork, the Chops are commonly cooked and served as individual portions.

Brats & Sausage


Our Homemade Original-style Bratwurst.

A type of German sausage most commonly made from Pork. While some may sneer, the most common way to eat a Bratwurst is pan-fried then accompanied by Sauerkraut and topped with Mustard.

Ribs & Kabobs

Baby Back Ribs

Connected to the Backbone, the Baby Back Ribs come from the upper Loin section where First Cut Chops would be cut from. Being the most tender and leanest ribs, the Baby Back Rib is easily the most popular Rib around!

Bacon, Hams & More

Excel Thick-Sliced Bacon

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