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Additional Bundles

Whether these bundles are a mix between Beef & Pork, or Specialty Bundles aimed towards more specific outings, this page has additional bundles that will likely put your tastebuds on edge!

Mixed Bundle (#3)

10lbs worth of Ground Beef
5lbs worth of Round Steak
5lbs worth of Pork Steak
5lbs worth of Pork Sausage

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Burgers, Dogs, & Brats

B.D.B. Bundle

As the name suggests, this Bundle comes in 2 different sizes & Includes:

6 Brats
6 Burgers
6 Jumbo Dogs
---- OR ----
10 Brats
10 Burgers
10 Jumbo Dogs

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Camping Bundle

3lbs worth of Sliced Slab Bacon
3lbs worth of Pork Sausage
4lbs worth of Pork Steaks
3lbs worth of Brats
1lb worth of Baked Ham
1lb worth of Smoked Turkey
1lb worth of Sliced American Cheese

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